Doomsday County on DVD Tuesday, February 12
(released 2/5/2013)

Producer Steven Shea's Doomsday County releases to the DVD market through Troma Entertainment on Tuesday, February 12th.  Troma Entertainment is known by its eccentric leader Lloyd Kaufman and its independent horror films such as The Toxic Avenger series,  Cannibal! The Musical (which just screened at the Enzian), and the Class of Nuke 'Em High series.

Doomsday County, which shot back in 2008, is a collection of four short segments all taking place in, you guessed it, Doomsday County.  Each segment was written and directed by different people.  "The Curse of Dr. Mongoo" was written and directed by Joe Badiali, who has since worked makeup on Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and Lincoln.  Art Brainard did the "Vampire Academy" segment, Shawn Haran did the "Xenombies" segment, and Steven Shea wrote and directed the "Betty Beretta" segment.  Jason Hawkins co-wrote "Betty Beretta" with Shea.  Some of Shea's work has included the short 2:22, Hoodoo for Voodoo, and upcoming release Rockabilly Zombie Weekend.

The film stars central Florida actors Mike Santi, Paul Alessi, Paul Petrus, Tara Lightfoot, Joel Wynkoop, Amber Freeman, Adam Lopez, and John Archer Lundgren.

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For photos from our set visit in August 2008, go to the Photo Seen.

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