2013 Film Slam Season Starts December 9
(released 12/5/2012)

The 2013 season of the Film Slam begins Sunday, December 9th at 1:00pm at the Enzian Theater.  The first installment this season has a few regular faces that have contributed over the years:  Valensky Sylvain, Dale Metz, and TL Westgate.

Below are the films and their above the line contributors.  For more information on the Film Slam such as how to submit a film, go to http://enzian.org/festivals/filmslam.


In The Mind's Eye
Produced & Directed by: TL Westgate; Written by: Nicole Wormley
Length: 3:04 - Altamonte Springs

Description: An experimental dance concept film portraying a Ballerina's changing perspective between her pre-performance reality and her pre-visualization routine inner reality. This film features no dialog with original music.


Night Terrors
Directed by: Alyssa Goldman; Written by: Alyssa Goldman & Alexander Bloir; Produced by: Alexander Bloir & Roxanne Crosdale
Length: 6:54 - Winter Springs

Description: A couple has just moved in together, but things are unraveling. Rachel begins experiencing terrors nightly. She lashes out violently at the apparitions, unable to distinguish fantasy from reality, causing increasingly serious injuries to Dom.


Have We Met
Written & Directed by: Bill Ronat; Produced by Bill Williams, Eric Emerick and Bill Ronat
Length: 7:50 - Indian Harbor Beach

Description: He's been out of the 'game' for so long, why would anyone want him dead now? He finally realizes the shocking truth of the hit man's orders.


On the Edge
Directed by: Michelle Brown & Dale Metz; Written & Produced by: Michelle Brown
Length: 10:00 - Kissimmee

Description: A story about a friendship and the mystery surrounding a young girl who constantly finds herself on the edge. Find out what happens when the world around you isn't what it seems.


Psycho Revisited
Written & Directed by: Frank Zarrillo; Produced by: Francis Hibbs & Michael Kelly
Length; 7:00 - Celebration

Description: This dark, grainy, gritty film is a story about a man who discovers that his spouse has cheated on him. Losing his mind, he takes matters in his own hands and solves the problem in his way. The aftermath shows how personal his crime is and he must figure out what to do with his deceased wife.


Current State
Written, Produced & Directed by: Doug Jackson
Length: 10:35 - Orlando

Description: In CURRENT STATE, we consider the way forward, as we revisit the past ten years in America and hear from recent college graduates about the defining events of our generation.


"Overdose" Mr. Magnificent and Jordan Mitchell
Written & Directed by: Charles Frisby; Produced by: Jordan Mitchell
Length - 4:03 - Sanford
Description: The White Boy Rappers Strike Back.


Breaking Point
Directed by: James Hunter, Written by: James Hunter, Melissa Thomas; Produced by: Valensky Sylvain, James Hunter, Heather Loomis, Hannah Dawnielle
Length: 8:06 - Orlando

Description: What happens when someone reaches their breaking point? This is a drama that challenges us to see beyond the norms and preconceived notions. What would you do at your Breaking Point?

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