Brouhaha Showcase is November 17 & 18
(released 11/8/2012)

The 21st annual Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase is November 17 and 18 at the Enzian Theater.  The Brouhaha showcases mostly local films, but lures work from all over state.  It has some of the best indie and student work each year including all the winners of the Film Slam.

The 2012 winning films from the Film Slams were as follows: The Pursuit (December 2011), See (January), ReRe-Animated (February), Bubblegum Smackers (March), Captive (May), Witness (June), Pupsock & Wendell vs The Sky Pirates (July), Cross Reference (August), Echoes of Regret (September), and La Historia Dominguez (October).

The Brouhaha is broken up into 4 programs; 2 on each day at 11:00am and 1:15pm.  Program tickets are $5 each or $10 gets you a Showcase Pass which covers all four programs.

To see more information about all the films that are playing, go to

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