8 Shorts Queued for Sunday's Film Slam
(released 7/6/2012)

The next Film Slam is Sunday, July 8th at the Enzian Theater in Maitland.  There are eight films scheduled and the screenings begin at 1pm.  Tickets are $5.  For more information about the Film Slam competition, go to http://enzian.org/film/filmslam.  Below is the list of films.

Written, Produced & Directed by: Joops Fragale
Length: 2:35 min - Ormand Beach - www.386films.com

Description: Like life itself, Enthalpy cannot be directly measured, but changes in it can be. A visual poem of the experience of the life's pressures and exchanges in energy we share to survive.

In Country
Written & Directed by: Jenna Sasso; Produced by: Lance Gray
Length: 15:53 - Winter Park

Description: Tensions run high for a young USAID worker in Vietnam as she hears talks of a peace treaty and the one-millionth US soldier arrives for duty.

Through You: "Hanging On Hope"
Written & Directed by: Adam Arnali; Produced by Adam Arnali & Jeremy Morris
Length: 4:22 - Orlando - www.zerodarkcinema.com

Description: Ever have your life flash before you eyes? Journey through the mind's eye of Mic Kirkland, lead singer of Through You, as he tries to save his band mates who've lost all hope.

SP #5
Written, Produced & Directed by: Carl Knickerbocker
Length: 2:50 min - Oviedo - www.carlknickerbocker.com

Description: Status, consumption and class warfare.  Fourth in a series of short puppet films with sociopolitical themes.

Death over Dishonor
Written by: Suraj Ruparelia; Produced by: Matthew Nelson; Directed by: Corey Provencal
Length: 7:02 min - Casselberry

Description: A young gangster is faced with a difficult decision when he is torn between making two life altering choices. Whether to take his beloved uncle's life for the sake of gained respect, or walk away with the risk of loosing his own.

The Cab
Written by: Keyla Teixeira & Rebecca Nguy; Produced by: Mike Ferrara; Directed by: Grant Martin
Length: 8:00 min

Description: An innocent young woman wants nothing more than to catch her morning cab, but when it's repetitively stolen from her by a persistent stranger, her patience wears thin.

Pour Stars
Produced by: Dean McDermitt; Directed by: Caroline Stevens-Sommers
Length: 8:00 min - Cassleberry

Description: Take a journey though the little known 'sport' of Flair Bartending with Jeff "Flip" Fralich as he brings to life what the movie, Cocktail, made famous.

Pupsock & Wendell vs. The Sky Pirates
Written & Directed by:  Patrick Algermissen; Produced by: Thomas Mumme
Length: 5min - Oviedo - www.imtheawesome.com

Description: When the Princess Kathryn is abducted into a flying pirate ship her husband, the Prince, turns to Professional Princess Rescuers Pupsock & Wendell, who take to the sky in this spry action/comedy featuring puppets, live actors, and animation.

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