Film Slam is Back May 20
(released 5/15/2012)

After a short hiatus, the Film Slam is back this Sunday, May 20th at the Enzian Theater.  They were off the month of April as the Florida Film Festival took up home at the theater.  Below are the short films in competition.

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Dead Walk the Earth (2012)
Written & Directed By: Ron T. Baker; Produced by: Dean McDermitt
Length: 6:33min – Deland –
Description: Our society is infected by the zombie phenomenon. There are numerous films, video games and even television shows out there from this genre. A documentary crew sets out to discover why?


Film Fest: We Could Do This In Sanford (2012)
Written & Directed by: David Kuskie; Produced by: Reuben Rogak
Length: 5:27min - Orlando -

Description: A group of friends in the community of Sanford, Florida decide to share their love of film with the community and start a film festival.


The Malice Trilogy - "Unseen" (2012)
Directed by: Dale Metz, Written by: Wade Cox; Produced by: Dale Metz & Wade Cox
Length: 9:20min - Oviedo -

Description: Abby has grown up without a family after being orphaned at a young age. Something keeps drawing her back to the last vacation she took with her parents in St. Augustine, FL. What is it and what could it want with her?


Captive (2012)
Written & Directed by: Andy Painter; Produced by: Andy Painter & Doug Rowland
Length: 20:00min - Orlando -

Description: In a war-torn future, an American captive is on the run after escaping an enemy prison. As he narrowly avoids capture he is confronted by a mysterious 'Bearded Man', in whose care will ultimately determine whether or not the captive will survive.


The Wind (2012)
Written & Directed by: Al Mauro; Produced by: Alexander Paul Wolfe
Length: 15:30 min - Gotha -

Description: A mysterious young girl arrives into a boys life, lifting him from his despair. Over time, He realizes that she is more than she appears to be and thus begins a journey he will never forget.


Coming (2011)
Written, Produced & Directed by: Samantha Bourne
Length: 2:39 - Altamonte Springs

Description: Come in, the water feels nice. Lie on your back, don't be afraid. Here it comes. An experimental work featuring music from Waverunner


Blue Bird Bake Shop (2012)
Written & Directed by: Tim Yoder; Produced by: Jeff Lambert
Length 4:22 - Winter Park

Description: An exciting story of a small bakeshop and the love the owners have for all they've created all on their own.

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