Stars North Fundraising for The Highwaymen
(released 2/7/2012)

Florida Filmmakers and a Florida Story come together in a civil rights era production of The Highwaymen.  A group of artists that were able to capture the scenery of the Florida landscape on a wandering budget may now be seen by a growing scope of viewers.  Stars North, a Central Florida based film company with over 10 years of work in Florida, wants to bring their story to the big screen.  Stars North's production of The Highwaymen is reaching out to film and Florida enthusiasts to participate in the storytelling process by helping raise the funds for production through Kickstarter.

To date, the production has raised over $11,000 and is climbing steadily through the ranks to their goal of $100,000. In one month, the window of opportunity will close to become a part of this historical venture. Those who participate will find rewards for your support the likes of movie posters, t-shirts, DVD copy of the film, a chance to be in the film with director chair back to commemorate the experience, VIP access to the production set and more.

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