Film Slam Lineup for January 8th at Enzian
(released 1/4/2012)

The next Film Slam is Sunday, January 8th at 1pm at the Enzian Theater.  This is the first Slam of 2012, but December's Slam was still considered part of the overall 2012 competition with regards to entry into the Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase at the end of the year.

Below are the 7 short films for this Film Slam.  If you are filmmaker that wants to enter your film into competition and see what people think or maybe you are just hoping to see your finished product on the big screen, then submit your short film.  Entry is free, so it doesn't hurt to try.  Get the rules and submission info at

Situation Normal: A Film about SNAFU (2011)
Directed by: Ken Lowrie & Willie Sheely, Produced by: Ken Lowrie & Brenda Lowrie
Length: 20:50 min - Lake Mary, FL - 

Situation Normal guides you on a journey to find out who SNAFU is, how they got started, and what makes them the band they are today.

See (2011)
Written, Directed & Produced by: Dale Metz
Length: 13:12 min - Oviedo, FL -

The world looks different to Taylor. She has a unique ability to see the world in ways that many people take for granted. An afternoon at the ocean turns into an adventure of discovery and tribulation.

SP #2 (2011)
Written, Directed by: Carl Knickerbocker, Produced by: Stacy Ferger
Length: 3:50 min - Oviedo, FL -

Primary theme is consciousness. Supporting concepts include evolution, identity, alienation and absurdity. Primitive, artsy and idiosyncratic.

The Circle of Drums (2011)
Written & Directed by: Sigfredo A. Cruz, Produced by: Dean McDermitt
Length: 5:14 min - Winter Park, FL

Every Sunday at sunset... hundreds gather on Siesta Key Beach to celebrate music, nature and life.

Escape (2011)
Written, Directed & Produced by: Matthew Mamone
Length: 4:04 min - Oviedo, FL

A carnival's lights cast a harsh shadow. The strange beauty of the fair is something that can be escaped to. However, for some it can be a place that seems impossible to escape from.

Silence (2011)
Written & Directed by: Petey Pete, Produced by: Claire Mondragon
Length: 8:04 min - Casselberry, FL

Silence is a film that explores the relationship of a couple who experience the consequences of a poor decision--consequences that lead to a sad discovery.

Reset Button (2011)
Directed by: Neil Watson & Stephy Patenaude, Written by: Michael Valente, Produced by: Matthew Nelson
Length: 7:33 min - Deltona, FL

Jerry, a 40-something genius inventor, has been toiling for close to a decade on his time traveling invention and in the process has lost his wife and son. Now with the device finished, Jerry deices to use it to go back and stop himself from making the same mistake twice.

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