First Film Slam of 2012 is December 11th?
(released 12/7/2011)

It's not 2012 yet, but it is time for the next cycle of the Film Slam.  Usually the Brouhaha is held in December and there would have been a Slam in November.  Besides the dates, nothing has really changed.  And here is the list of films to be shown on Sunday, December 11th, 2011 beginning at 1pm at the Enzian Theater.  If you are new to it, the Enzian is located at 1300 South Orlando Avenue in Maitland.  Go to if you would like to know more about entering your short film into a future Film Slam.

A Bike Ride to Remember (2011)
Written & Directed by: Daniel Bartz, Produced by: Tyrone Baker
Length: 10:02 min - Orlando, FL

Will, a shy young man, is in search of a soul mate--or at least a bicycle-riding partner.

The Pursuit (2011)
Written & Directed by: Andre Diaz, Produced by: Andre Diaz & Kenny Williams
Length: 13:11 min - Sanford, FL -

An intimate, poignant and timeless story about the dedication, desire and frustration of a young man in pursuit of a dream.

The Adventures of Monty Moudlyn (2011)
Directed by: Zach Hibbard, Written by: Birke Duncan & Jason Marc Harris, Produced by: Eric Emerick
Length: 20:54 min - Indian Harbor Beach, FL

Monty Moudlyn is the friend who's always 'up', a self professed 'attitude adjuster' the kind you sometimes want to kill

The 8-Bit Hero (2011)
Written, Directed & Produced by: John Hammen Jr.
Length: 7:30 min - Orlando, FL

Awkward loner Mitch gets more than a second chance at life, and potentially love, throughout a day of disasters.

April Fools (2011)
Directed by: Matt Taylor, Written & Produced by: Robb Carson & Matt Taylor
Length: 6:15 min - Apopka, FL -

It's April Fools Day. Steve is not a fan of practical jokes. His roommate, Paul, is. Nothing can go wrong with harmlessly pranking Steve, right?

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