Legends 2 Premieres October 30
(released 10/5/2011)

Emmy Award Winner Gerald J. Godbout III and Godbout Entertainment has completed their latest production, Legends 2: A Halloween Tale, a tribute film to Halloween.  Godbout Entertainment also produces Indie Cinema Showcase, which plays on Vision TV in Central Florida.

Originally conceived as a short film, Godbout later expanded Legends 2 to feature length. The film picks up 10 years after the events depicted in Dimension Films' Halloween H20. There is a twist. Legends 2 conceives that the events in past Halloween films happened in reality and then Hollywood turned them into films. "Telling the story this way lets us keep the events of the films as canon, but allows Legends 2 to have its own path," said Writer/Director Gerald J. Godbout III.

"It was a labor of love and craziness as we shot part of this film in North Carolina - driving 10 hours to a replica house from the first Halloween film that Kenny Caperton, a fan and over all great guy, had built."

Legends 2 will have premieres in both North Carolina on October 14th and in Orlando on October 30th.

The Orlando premiere will be at Cinemark 20 at Festival Bay which is located at 5150 International Drive.  The screening time is 12:30pm.

To purchace tickets for the Orlando premiere, visit http://www.showclix.com/event/Legends2

Here is the trailer:

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