Acting For Camera Classes at the Library
(released 8/7/2023)

Orlando Public Library is offering Acting for the Camera Level 1 and 2 classes during the month of August. The first chance to attend the series of classes will be Sunday, August 13 with the Level 1 class at 2 pm and the Level 2 class being held at 3:30pm.

The Level 1 Class will introduce you to basic techniques of warming up, body language, on-camera vocal technique and practicing on camera where you are able to see and hear yourself.  Also learn best techniques for communicating a story to your audience.

The Level 2 class will give you an intro to basic on-set terms and directions. The terms will be put to practice as you rehearse and record a short scene. Eye placement will also be discussed and the importance of this awareness when on film or making YouTube videos.

The second chance to take this series of Acting classes is Sunday, August 28th. Again the times will be 2pm for Level 1 and 3:30pm for Level 2.

Seating is limited.  Free to attend with you library card registration follow through here to secure your seat:

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