DiViNCi from Solillaquists Wins August Film Slam
(released 8/24/2011)

Here are the winners of the Film Slam on August 14th.  The first place winner will be screened at the Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase in December.

1st Place: "Gotham City Chase Scene"

Solillaquists of Sound: "Gotham City Chase Scene" (2011)
Directed by: X:144, Written by: X:144, Sean Kantrowitz & DiViNCi, Produced by: DiViNCi
Length: 6:11 min - Orlando, FL - www.x144.com - www.solilla.com

DESCRIPTION: The second installment in Solillaquists of Sound's music video trilogy, this action-packed clip follows the heroes as they are hunted by agents from a mysterious organization.

2nd Place: Cats and Dogs

Cats and Dogs (2011)
Written & Directed by: Gabriel Gundacker, Produced by: Josh Barker
Length: 5:09 min - Winter Park, FL

DESCRIPTION: A young stage director is finally producing his "pet" project: Cats and Dogs: The Musical. 

3rd Place: Eat. Pray. Clone.

Eat. Pray. Clone. (2011)
Directed & Produced by: Shane Hartline, Written by: Shane Hartline & Peter Murphy
Length: 10:50 min - Lake Wales, FL  - www.woodensteel.tv

DESCRIPTION: One brother searching for love finds it and a whole bunch of trouble when he makes a clone of his older brother's girlfriend!

For details on how to get your short film entered into a future Film Slam at the Enzian Theater, go to www.enzian.org/film/filmslam.

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