ideas Opens New Post Audio Mix Room
(released 6/10/2011)

A couple weeks ago, ideas announced that they opened up their new post production audio mix room at their downtown Orlando facility.

In a prepared release, ideas President John Lux states the following:

"In our previous facility we had wonderful audio spaces but the rooms were designed and built for the specifications of the 1980s, whereas this space was built with up to the minute design and technical specifications. This room is an acoustically designed and built critical listening room that will allow us to continue the audio mix work we have done in the past for made-for-TV movies, miniseries, episodic television, and independent films, as well as the variety of special venue and corporate work we do."


The post audio mix stage houses a 32 fader DigiDesign ICON integrated console, custom designed speakers and subwoofers from Bag End and 1080p projector with a 12' screen. The mix stage was acoustically designed by Alactronics, Inc. from Wellesley, MA and then constructed by The Collage Companies of Orlando along with Southern Acoustics, All Electric of Orlando and F&S Cabinets.

You can check out some pics and videos at or read a blog about the conversion process at

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