Caminer Attending Tanzania: A Friendship Journey
(released 4/8/2011)

The Sunday, April 10th 3:15pm screening of Tanzania: A Friendship Journey will include a Q&A with local Producer/Director Sylvia Caminer.  Caminer is a multiple Emmy nominee and won "Best Director" for her work on the Discovery/Travel Channel series Great Hotels.

Also in attendance at the Enzian Theater will be the two key film subjects, University of Miami graduates: Venance Ndibalema and Kristen Kenny.

What happens when a scientist/philosopher from an impoverished African nation takes his American friend on a journey to the place where mankind began?  TANZANIA: A Friendship Journey follows the story of Venance Ndibalema, who was born into poverty in Africa, but found a way out through a college education in the U.S. and Kristen Kenny, an American raised by an upper/middle class family who is experiencing Africa for the first time. The film captures their transformational voyage to Venance’s homeland, Tanzania.

Their journey takes them from the urban center of Dar es Salaam, to the summit of mighty Mount Kilimanjaro and the sweltering plains of the Serengeti, and finally to the impoverished village where a Grandmother waits to see the grandson she thought was lost to her forever.  Along the way, cultural differences, disease, and a deadly illness threaten not only our travelers, but the life of an innocent child. Two friends, one journey, countless lives changed.

Individual tickets are $10 and are available at:

The Enzian Theater is located at 1300 South Orlando Avenue in Maitland.

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