Enzian Film Slam is Sunday, February 27th
(released 2/24/2011)

The next Film Slam, which normally runs on the second Sunday of each month, is going to be this Sunday, February 27th at the normal time and place.  1:00pm at the Enzian Theater.  Below are the short films in competition.

The Enzian Theater is located at 1300 South Orlando Avenue in Maitland.  For more details about the film screening competition including future submission criteria, go to http://www.enzian.org/film/filmslam/.

#1 -- Delusions (2010)
Directed by: Jordan Little, Written by: Jordan Little & Steve Johnstone Produced by: Jordan Little
Length: 12:35 min - Winter Park, FL

Description:  Struggling with a gambling problem, Jason Smith tries to balance his addiction with his marriage, hoping to keep the one he loves.

#2 -- Shooting for the Moon (2010)
Directed by: Lenox, Blake, Dinihanian,  Produced by: Dine, Kosik, Boyette
Length: 9:16 min - Orlando, FL

Description:  A film crew in charge of manufacturing footage for the 1969 Apollo 11 mission struggles to get the final shot of Neil Armstrong stepping on the moon.

#3 -- A Drop of Summer (2010)
Directed by: Allison Tate-Cortese  Written by: Sadie Yanckello & Allison Tate-Cortese Produced By: Kyle Snavely & Allison Tate-Cortese
Length: 3:46 min - Winter Springs, FL

Description:  A hilarious tale of a chase between two dads for the final glass of lemonade on a scorching summer day

#4  -- Avarice (2010)
Written/Directed by: Levon Mergian, Produced by: Levon Mergian, David Yaffe, Brian Macaione
Length: 11:30 min - Orlando, FL

Description:  In the south, late 1800's, two outlaw brothers vie to make a name for themselves. But, things get interesting when they meet a strange man while taking refuge in the forest.

#5 -- Alleycat (2010)
Directed by: Gary Blake
Length: 5:29 min - Winter Park, FL

Description:  Ben Pridgeon shares his interest in cycling and participates in The Nutcracker III alleycat race and scavenger hunt in St. Petersburg, FL.

# 6--  I or Me (2010)
Written & Directed By: Eric Thompson  Produced By: Wendy Brey
Length: 5:00 min - Orlando, FL

Description:  In the future, what will happen to clones when they reach the afterlife? Will Miller, the first human clone ever to die, is about to find out

#7 -- Roid Rage (2011)
Written/Directed/Produced by: Ryan Lightbourn
Length: 13:00min - Orlando, FL

Description:  As mutilated hookers begin to surface in a small rural town, two FBI agents discover an unspeakable terror unlike anything they've ever encountered.

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