Stars North's Crooked Won 2 Awards in November
(released 11/22/2010)

Stars North's latest short film "Crooked" took home the Robin and Eddy Independent Spirit Award at the 2010 Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival on Saturday, November 13th.

The film, designed to play in dentist offices across the country and promote brushing and flossing with kids, was also named Best Short Film at the 2010 Independents Film Festival out of Tampa.  Independents Film Festival screened November 4-6 and is viewable in Hillsborough County through Brighthouse Networks and also online through their website on the weekends.  Check the IFF website for details.

"Crooked" is scheduled to screen at the upcoming Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase on December 4.  It is part of Program #1 which begins at 11:00am at the Enzian Theater.  Tickets are $5.

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