Final Film Slam of 2010 - End of an Era
(released 11/10/2010)

Sunday, November 14th will mark the end of a Film Slam era.  The Slam was started a few years back at the DMAC in downtown Orlando by Jason Neff.  He told me then that he got the idea from "slams" in New York City and wanted to bring the idea back home to Orlando.

Shortly thereafter, John Theisen took over the reigns as producer and host.  The DMAC shuttered its doors when UCF decided to stop funding the small independent theater.  John did not give up with it, though.  He found a new theater to sponsor the event.  It moved to the Enzian where it has remained to this day and has flourished.  The first year in its new home, John shared the hosting duties with thespian and artist Brian Feldman.  He, too, moved on to devote more time to his art endeavors.

That brings us back to where we are today and John has decided that it is time for he, too, to devote time to his music.  On Sunday, November 14th at 1:00pm, John Theisen will make his last stand as host of the Film Slam.  Next year, it will be taken over by local film producer and critic Tim Anderson.  I wonder if John will ever make a trip back to the Film Slam to be a special guest host like old performers on Saturday Night Live.

If you would like to say goodbye and thank you, please stop by the Enzian one more time this Sunday.

The shorts lineup for November 14, 2010.


#1 -  Be Kind to Your Garbage Man (2010) / 3 Min
Directed by: Liam Paul, Produced by: Gary Blake

Description: a three-minute documentary and a quick glimpse into the life and work of 29-year-old garbage truck driver Everton Johnson of Orlando, Florida.

#2 - cardboard BOX (2010)   / 6 Min 26 Sec   

Written/Directed/Produced by: Sean Schools

Description: A young man deals with his dysfunctional parents in a cardboard box.
#3 - OR (2010)  / 1 Min 

Written/Directed/Produced by: Halsey & Banks Helfrich

Description: Rain slippers, duo-use dog leash, outdoor shower, hangout the car flag, clown shoe stuffing, translucent juggling objects, fake beard or...

#4 - H2O: Supply and Demand (2010)  / 13 Min 6 Sec 

Written/Directed by: Bryan Boykins, Produced by: Bryan Boykins and Disco San Andreas

Description: A hard hitting look at the human struggle that develops between people turned instant victims by an environmental disaster, following the BP Oil Spill.


#5 - Just Thursday (2010) / 3 Min 
Written/Directed/Produced by: Fred Zara

Description: Filmmaker Fred Zara chronicles an average day in his life in less then 3 minutes using nothing but cell phone pictures.
#6 - B-Side Artists: In the Beginning (2010)  / 9 Min 

Written by: B-Side Artists, Directed by: Elizabeth Anne, Produced by: Elizabeth Anne & SWAMBURGER Sanford, FL - /   
Description: November 2010 marks the third anniversary of the B-Side Artists movement in Orlando, FL USA. This is a look back at how it originated. 
#7 - RISE (2010)  / 5 Min 50 Sec  

Written/Produced/Directed by: Bobby Arnold
Sanford, FL -

Description: A dying man is confronted by his sickness. It seems that he is alone in his struggle, but he knows something is there to give him hope.
#8 - 759 Dresden (2010)  / 25 Min 

Written/Directed by: David Dunlap, Produced by: David Dunlap & Shane Dunlap 
Description: This is the story of an unsolved murder that shocked the small Ohio town of East Liverpool in 1973. 

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