Orlando Film Fest Runs November 3-7
(released 10/29/2010)

The Orlando Film Festival is making another run and it appears to have grown again.  They have added two live comedy nights as well as a musical performance by Edwin McCain.

One factor makes this festival stand out from others near and far.  All the movies are free.  You still have to go online and reserve tickets, but how hard is that.  Some of the events have a ticket price, though, such as the aforementioned comedy and music nights.  The Friday night comedy show features Dean Napolitano and Ken Miller.  The Saturday night show features Eddie Brill.

There are also free events including a panel discussion on Thursday beginning at 6pm.  It is called Independent Film, In and Out of Hollywood.  The panel includes Haley Joel Osment (actor Sixth Sense), Alison Brie (actress Community, Mad Men), Page Ostrow (producers rep), and Sylvia Caminer (Emmy winning producer).

All of the films and some of the events take place at the Cinema Plaza Cafe with a few other events in downtown Orlando restaurants, bars, and hotels.

Get the full schedule of films at http://www.orlandofilmfest.com.

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