Zellwood Nearing Completion and Trailer Online
(released 9/29/2010)

Filmmaker Steven Shea has let us know the local horror/thriller feature film Zellwood is nearing completion.  Zellwood was filmed during September and October 2009 in, not surprisingly, Zellwood, Florida, under the direction of writer/director Jason Sutton, and producers Amber Norell, Philip P. Moran and Steven Shea and director of photography, Matthew MacCarthy.

The film stars Sara Jean Underwood (2007 Playboy Playmate of the Year, The House Bunny, Epic Movie, The Girls Next Door, Attack of the Show), Patricia Rosales (Miss Cuba International 2009, Hacienda Heights), Haley Boyle (The Tenant, Second Coming), Bruster Sampson, Amani Atkinson, Kevin James O'Neill, Chelsea Lee and Julie Anne (Herschel Gordon Lewis': The Uh-Oh Show)

Zellwood was produced by Last Trip LLC, in association with Sixth Plague Productions and Abyssmal Entertainment. The film is planned for a 2011 release.

Steven also sent us a link to the movie trailer, the movie poster, and a few screen shots. For more information, go to www.zellwood.com.

Zellwood Trailer HD

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