Cronin Dishes a Preview of Adventure Chefs
(released 3/18/2010)

Terry Cronin of 3 Boys Productions has just released a sneak peak at his new show Adventure Chefs.  You can view it for free on iTunes.

Adventure Chefs pits two contestants against each other and nature as they hunt, forage, and gather ingredients to prepare a meal for judges.  The contestants must do this in a remote environment such as Florida swamps or the Rocky Mountains.

Cronin says the show is "like Survivorman meets Iron Chef or Hell's Kitchen meets the Crocodile Hunter. An Adventure Chef has to be versatile and imaginative because they must collect these wild ingredients and still make their meals delicious."

You can view the video at  You can also sign up to receive updates on the release of future episodes at the iTunes Store.

If you would like to follow Adventure Chefs, you can visit them at the websites below.

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