Stars North Wins First Place at Film Slam
(released 2/24/2010)

It has been a good move for February's Film Slam to take place on the 21st instead of what would have been the normal date, Valentine's Day.  Holidays usually don't bode well for Film Slam turnouts.  There was around 100 people in attendance.  I wonder if that figures in late arrivals such as Feldman, myself and last but not least Elizabeth Anne.

Stars North short film Crooked was the winner this month.  The film was written, directed, and produced by Todd Thompson and stars child actor Kendall Ganey.  The story revolves around Kendall's character and how she will do anything to have perfect teeth.

Second place was a documentary Visiting Our Neighbors by Eric Thompson.  He documented a medical exhibition to Lima, Peru wherein doctors gave free cleft lip and cleft pallate surgeries.

Third place went to the forever producing Banks Helfrich with the trailer to his upcoming feature Prologue: The Ah of Life, which is still being completed.

You can view pictures from the February 21st Film Slam in the PhotoSeen.

For more information on getting your short film entered into a future Film Slam, go to  Entry is free and open to all filmmakers.

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