BizarroLand Film Festival Disturbs Downtown
(released 11/29/2022)

BizzarroLand Film Festival will be Friday, December 9 - 11th, 2022. Grounded at the Downtown Arts Collective on Lexington Avenue for the in-person events, there will also be a virtual option this year. This festival celebrates cinematic weirdness.

"Steaming gouts of body fluids, pitch-black gallows humor, and skin-crawling awkwardness are all trademarks of BizarroLand movies. BizarroLand isn't a genre, though; any movie that disturbs the audience on an existential level is welcome. Shorts, features, docs, animations, music videos—anything goes, so long as the viewer walks away thinking, "What the f#@k did I just watch?!"

Friday, December 9th the festival starts at 6p.m. at the Downtown Collective (643 Lexington Avenue, Orlando 32801). The screenings run until 10pm when the opening night party begins at the same location.  Saturday's live events take place at the Collective and Sunday's closing party will be held at 10pm at City Pub Orlando.

Follow this link for a film guide and ticket options:

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