Second Coming's DVD Release is June 30th
(released 4/28/2009)

Yacaman Productions' Second Coming, which was locally crewed and shot in Orlando, is being released on DVD on June 30th.  It was picked up by Polychrome Pictures and will be distributed online through Vivendi Entertainment.

The film stars Juliet Reeves, Greg Thompson, and Haley Boyle.  Also on screen are Michael Ray Davis, Kevin O'Neill, John Archer Lundgren, John Kyle, Randy Molnar, Melissa Gruver, Rita Manyette and many other local actors.

Jose Zambrano Cassella wrote and directed Second Coming.  This was Jose's second feature film.  He also directed Delivery which was released through Warner Brothers Home Video in May 2007.

The Executive Producer was Jose David Yacaman and it was produced by Ralph Harden and Melissa Gruver.

The Story

Growing up as identical twin sisters, Lora and Ashley Gerritson always had a special psychic bond. When one would feel pain, sorrow or happiness, the other felt it too.

Lora's life is suddenly changed when she begins to receive chilling visions from her sister, Ashley. Something is horribly wrong... she can feel it. Lora knows she must return to the small town of her childhood to find Ashley.

She begins to realize that Barry Drake, a well-loved, upstanding member of the community, may hold the key to finding Ashley. There is something dark and unsettling about him. As the visions become stronger, she feels that time is running out.

The official movie page with the trailer is at

The movie will be available at Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Target and other online retailers.

Here's a look at the movie poster.

Second Coming: movie poster

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