MIAMI short FF Presents Feeling Good Films
(released 7/21/2022)

The Miami short Film Festival (MIAMIsFF), in partnership with Deering Estate, present Focus On: Feeling Good Films on Sunday, July 24. This indoor event will have a cocktail welcome, a stand-up comedy set and screening of seven short films.

The following short films will be presented:

La Loteria
Dir. by Shahir Daud – Narrative - 8:20 min., United States
While waiting to board his plane so that he can immigrate to America, Augusto Ramirez recalls the three biggest regrets in his life.
Lost Property
Dir. by Asa Lucander – Animation - 6:30 min., United Kingdom
When you lose something dear to your heart, there is only one place it can be found: The Lost Property office.
De Smet
Dir. by Wim Guedens & Thomas Baerten – Narrative - 15 min., Belgium/Netherlands
The brothers 'De Smet' created a system to live their lives as singles in the most comfortable way. When a new woman moves into their street.
En las Nubes
Dir. by: Marcelo Mitnik – Narrative - 20 min., Argentina
The difference between how we think romance should work and how it actually does is at the comedic heart of EN LAS NUBES.
Casa del Suenos 
Dir. by: Ben C. Lucas – Narrative - 5 min., Australia
Leigh is a luckless single man who sets his standards low when it comes to romance. 
The Dynamic Double Standard
Dir. by: Luke Patton – Narrative - 5 min., USA
Zoey's first night as a superhero is nearly ruined when she's given a sexy and impractical uniform.
Dir. by: Julia Walter – Narrative - 15 min., Germany
Garden plot tyrant Gerti wants to prevent that her teenage granddaughter Merci is growing up and falling in love with an older hipster hottie.

The Deering Estate is a 21st Century house museum, cultural and ecological field station, and a national landmark listed on the National Register of Historic Places, owned by the State of Florida, and managed by Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department. The Deering Estate is located at 16701 SW 72 Ave. in Miami.

You can purchase your ticket to the Sunday 7p.m. event here:

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