Broward Now Offering Local Film Inventive
(released 6/17/2022) is now offering a new film incentive for local spends. Minimum of 400,000 in Broward County on Qualifying Payroll and Qualifying Expenses, inclusive of Qualifying Ancillary expenditures. Additional requirements include:
  • Rebate of 15% of certain Broward County expenditures
  • 60% of the entire Production days must be filmed in Broward County.
  • Must hire Main Cast and Crew with a minimum of 25% of Broward County residents and 25% of either Miami Dade County or Broward County residents for the majority of the Production Project. The required percentage of Broward residents will increase 10% yearly starting in Fiscal year 2023
  • 50% of expenditures must be Broward County businesses and 35% of those Broward County businesses must be from Small Businesses, Enterprises or County Businesses Enterprises with certain criteria.
  • Must hire one Qualified College Student or Qualified College Graduate. Documentation showing proof of the Qualified College Student or Qualified College graduate. College Graduate eligibility will need to be submitted as part of the incentive application package.
  • Must hire one Qualified Veteran.
There is also an alternative tier of requirements for a 500,000 spend.

In a press release, the Mayor stated: "Broward County is committed to growing the film and television industry and this is a great first step," said Mayor Michael Udine. "It's Greater Fort Lauderdale's time to shine on the big and small screen while and expanding business opportunities."

The Film Commissioner:

"My main goal has been to create high wage jobs and the film and TV industry does just that," said Commissioner Steve Geller. "With a median salary of over $89,000 a year for this industry, it is a no-brainer that I would champion the growth of this economic engine in Broward County. Broward already recruited a dynamic new Film Commissioner and we will be building the largest film soundstage complex in the State of Florida. These changes to the incentive plan are the next of many steps to help attract the industry to the County."

Visit Lauderdale, Broward's Convention & Visitors Bureau will offer an additional incentive to projects which will attract tourists. Each project's eligibility will be determined on a case-by-case basis. A rebate is only issued after the project is completed and proof is submitted that all requirements have been satisfied.

The new incentives went into effect as of June 8, 2022.

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