1st Thursday Event to Showcase Art of Film Making
(released 2/25/2009)

The Orlando Museum of Art holds an event every first Thursday of each month to bring general public interest into the world of the arts.  The 1st Thursday for March is co-sponsored by the Enzian Theater and the Florida Film Festival and is themed "The Art of Film Making."

The March 5th event runs from 6-9pm and will include a few local films.  Of special interest, the premiere screening of ":-) 2ME: The Happiness Experiment" will take place at 6:50pm and 8:20pm to close down the event.

Local Producer Craig Richards, highly known for being the UPM on Monster, came up with the idea to make a film about what makes people happy.  The question was originally asked of local artists broken up into different age ranges so that all age brackets all the way to 80 are represented.  These artists had to convey in an art piece what makes them happy.

Once the artists crafted their art, local screenwriters, directors, producers, actors and crew created vignettes to represent the art pieces.  These were all edited down into a 40 minute film which explores the human condition of happiness from childhood through adulthood.

The idea for this film won an art grant from the United Arts of Central Florida.  This entire project was organized, filmed, and completed by a local meetup group called The Orlando Film Industry Professionals Group.

Here is the full schedule for 1st Thursday:

- 6:00pm Press Conference [15 min]
- 6:15pm Florida Film Festival 2009 Preview [35 min]
- 6:50pm ":-) 2ME: The Happiness Experiment" [40 min]
- 7:30pm "Dudley and the Toy Keeper's Chest" [13 min.]
- 7:45pm "The Gallery of Doom" [12 min.]
- 8:00pm "Freedom – Elizabeth June" [4:58 min]
- 8:05pm "First Street Lounge" [7min.]
- 8:15pm "Beyond Imagination" [5min]
- 8:20pm ":-) 2ME: The Happiness Experiment" [40 min]

Admission is $10.00.  The Orlando Museum of Art is located in Loch Haven Park at 2416 North Mills Avenue in Orlando.

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