Orlando Film Festival Live In-Person This Week
(released 10/27/2021)

Orlando Film Festival will return to an in-person live event this year. Running October 28 - November 4, 2021, the festival in downtown Orlando will be at the CMX PLAZA CINEMA CAFE, 155 S. Orange Avenue. Narrative films. documentary films and over 150 short films are part of this year's programmed schedule.

In their words...

"This year we have made the leap from virtual back to a live festival. With the opening of Broadway and other cultural live events around the country, we have determined that with a solid Covid Plan in place that we can hold our event live.The reopening of major events has informed our team to lift the veil for 2021. This is not a free ride however. Understand this: All attendees Filmmakers, Screenwriters, and General Public, will be expected to show their immunization cards to be admitted to the Festival. If you are not fully vaccinated you will be required to wear a mask and wear a wrist band that shows that you are not fully vaccinated. If you remove your wristband at anytime you will be asked to accept another wristband or be asked to leave on your own accord or by other means. Any attempt to subvert the rules of attendance will result in permanent disqualification from attending and acceptance into the event this year and all future years."

To get a full look at the scheduled films, go here: www.offvirtual.com

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