Actor Randy Molnar's Film at 2009 Berlinale
(released 2/10/2009)

A German film Shortcut to Hollywood is now playing at the Berlin Film Festival.  Sounds ordinary, except a portion of the film was shot in Florida.

The story is about 3 German "brothers" that want to be famous, so they embark on a journey to America filming their trip along the way.

Orlando Actor Randy Molnar plays the role of Chairman of the Board.  Another local who you may have seen in a few commercials Brewier Welch is in the film, but Randy gets props for being highlighted in the Festival Guide.

Also of note, Melissa Gruver, who has taken more of a behind the scenes role over the past few years, was the Production Manager for the Florida sequences.

Shortcut to Hollywood had its first screening on Sunday the 8th with more festival screenings lined up for Thursday through Saturday the 14th.

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