February Film Slam Winner is Head in Hands
(released 2/9/2009)

The winner of the February Film Slam is the Mumpsy music video for their song "Head in Hands." The video was produced by Jon Jones and his Blue Koi Productions in a warehouse in Sanford. We made a visit to the set on the last night of their shoot, Sunday, January 25th. You can see some pictures from production in the Photo Seen.

Second place went to "The Curse of Dr. Mongoo," which is a short film that is part of the feature compilation Doomsday County. It is a cooperate effort between Full Sail students and Steven Shea's Abyssmal Entertainment. This first segment, Dr. Mongoo, was written and directed by Joe Badiali. We missed that portion of filming, but we were on set for the second part of the compilation called Xenombies. You can see pictures here.

And third place. That went to Dust and Mud. It's a documentary about a St. Cloud rodeo cowboy. You see him riding bulls at the Williston Rodeo and the filmmakers did a good job in making you feel his anxiety as he prepares to mess with the bull and take on the horns. These filmmakers are Nicholas Ruff and Tyler Billingsly.

A shout out to Adam Arnali as he was conveniently in town from LA for the screening of his short Homesick.

The next Film Slam is Sunday, March 8th. To get your film into a future Slam and a chance to have your film screened at the Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase, go to http://www.enzian.org/films/filmslam.html.

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