Crescent Moon Screening at Universal Cineplex
(released 2/1/2005)

Crescent Moon, a Full Sail student film written by Joseph Ashba, will premiere at Universal Cineplex at 1pm on Thursday, February 3rd. The short film is the story of a son trying to avenge his father's death and solve the mystery of the 'crescent moon,' a medallion of power that his father had been charged with protecting before he was killed.

Local martial-artist Phi-Long Nguyen assisted with the 2nd Unit fight scenes while Joop Katana and David Anthony Buglione choreographed the fights as well as acted them out.

"We did a lot of old-style Japanese angles," said UPM Wayne Santoni. "We looked at some old Japanese flicks and tried to do it in an old style with a modern twist."

The screening of 'Crescent Moon' is part of Full Sail's Film Grad Fest. Other student films to be screened include: 16mm 'Fading Light,' 16mm 'Fear the Future,' 16mm 'Messing with a Little Fire,' and 35mm 'City of Refuger.'

Visitors can bring their parking pass into the Cineplex and receive $8 off concession stand items.

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