Blair Witch Guys Back Together
(released 1/25/2005)

Haxan Films is currently in pre-production on a horror feature film. The film entitled Probed will be shot in Central Florida. This is the second project to qualify for the new Entertainment Industry Financial Incentive. Haxan will invest an estimated $5 million during filming in Florida, approximately $3.35 million of which will be used to employ Floridians.

Written by Jamie Nash, from Maryland, Haxan's Eduardo Sanchez will direct. Blair Witch producers Gregg Hale and Rob Cowie will produce. Mike Monello, also from Blair Witch, will co-produce along with Matt Compton and Jeff Johnsen.

Principal photography will begin in May at Universal Studios Orlando. They are currently casting.

Another Blair Witch co-writer/co-director Dan Myrick is also making waves, but with Gearhead Pictures on the west coast. His webisodic The Strand, which shot last year, is being released and promoted at Park City during the Sundance Film Festival.

The Strand is being launched this week by BitPass to critics, reviewers and the press and will be available to the public in early February. The first webisode will be available without charge to website visitors with a free BitPass account. Audiences will be asked to pay $0.99 for each of the subsequent webisodes.

The Strand is an uncensored look at the lives of several off-beat characters that inhabit the unique world of Venice Beach, California, and how they are all connected. Utilizing many of the method-film techniques that were incorporated into Blair Witch, The Strand maintains a sense of authenticity that cannot be found in large-scale productions. Real people and actors populate a fictional world in which spontaneous as well as scripted dialogue bring a sense of unpredictability and realism to the characters and situations.

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