Final Film Slam of 2008 is this Sunday at Enzian
(released 11/6/2008)

This Sunday will be the last Film Slam of 2008.  This time around there will be 8 shorts, one of which is a music video.  The winner will go on to join the previous 10 winners from 2008 and be screened at the Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase also taking place at the Enzian Theater.
This week, there will be some regulars from previous Film Slam's including Banks Helfrich, Ryan Shovey with an interesting edit of a Poe classic, and most Film Slammers will remember co-host Brian Feldman.  He has a short film entered.
The screenings begin at 1pm.  The Enzian Theater is located at 1300 South Orlando Avenue in Maitland (just north of the Winter Park Village).  For more info, go to
Below is the list of the 8 films to be SLAMMED this Sunday.
#1 - The Adventures of Larry & Tina (2008) / 6 Min 26 Sec  *Music Video
Performed by: WAX and EOM

Written by: Michael Jones & Jay Ahn, Directed by: Jay Ahn, Produced by: Thomas Litteer & Jay Ahn
Orlando, FL -

Description: He shoulda seen she was really naive. Shit she was still only 19 and he was many years older, but he seen her walk by in them tight jeans and he looked at her like "that's my queen" cause he thought that he could mold her, but it don't work, no.
#2 - BREATHE (2008)  / 5 Min
Written/Directed/Produced by: Rosie Bumpus
DeLand, FL -

Description: A semi-autobiographical look at a day in the life of a young Cystic Fibrosis patient, BREATHE centers around one young woman's attempt to find strength and independence in the monotony of life.
#3 - Labor of Love (2008) / 5 Min
Written/Directed by: Rick Matta, Produced by: Tom Hunt
Orlando, FL -

Description: A husband drives his pregnant wife to the hospital because she is going into labor, but is it a labor of love?
#4 - The Golden Mallard (2008) / 3 Min 39 Sec
Written/Directed by: Jon Jones, Produced by: Brian Feldman
Winter Park, FL -

Description: An eccentric portrait painter captures the true essence of
his subjects.
#5 - Bartender, Another Round (2008)5 Min
Written by: Pat Patterson & Kevin Ertle, Directed/Produced by: Bob Fegan & Jared Boice
Atlantic Beach, FL -

Description: A seedy bar, two clean cut young men, a crazed degenerate, a hot looking female bartender - what could possibly go wrong?
#6 - WAR-hOL (2008)  / 5 Min 4 Sec
Produced/Directed by: Patrick Scott Barnes
Orlando, FL -

Description: WAR-hOL is a documentary involving an artistic tribute to pop artist, Andy Warhol. Held in Orlando, all contributing artists created works influenced by the late artist.
#7 - The Three B's (2008)  / 4 Min 11 Sec
Written/Directed/Produced by: Banks Helfrich

Description: Ninety percent of life is spent waiting.
#8 - The Tell-Tale Heart (2008)  / 25 Min
Written/Directed/Produced by: Ryan Shovey

Description: An adaptation of the classic short story by Edgar Allan Poe that tells the story of a caretaker living with and old man. He loves the old man, however the simple flaw of the dead eye feeds his madness.

Enzian Theater FilmSlam Program - 11/9/08 TRT: 59:20 Minutes

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