UCF 2021 Animation Class Videos
(released 6/24/2021)

University of Central Florida is striving to become one of the leaders in animation production education. This pandemic year of graduates from the 2020 and spring 2021 class have contributed to the growth of the school's development. The following video is a replay just under an hour of the premiere held on May 8 2021, of some of the talent coming out of the school's graduating class. Did I mention they did this all while 2020 was pandemic-centric.

The BFA Character Animation Class of 2021 spent two years on a track to complete the animated films. The MFA Animation and Visual Effects class of 2021 Premieres are also included in this presentation.

Filmmakers in the BFA include: 

Symfaunic - A young faun challenges the harmony of her forest glade when her new taste in music clashes with her brother's teachings.
Created by Erin Bergin, Bailee Blaylock, Shawn Felski, Wesley Gordon, Savanah Harris, Madeline Kopitnik, Alexandra Kyzer, Gabriel Lopez, Leven Parguian, Ismael Perez, Nicole Ramos, Darby Snyder, Andy Soderstrom

Forget Me Not - In an attempt to preserve her legacy, a cartoon classic goes head to head with her rebooted counterpart.
Created by Sydney Barta, Jayme Brown, Emily Caban, Margaret Doebling, Kellie Driscoll, Jesus Evangelista, Tania Florit, Saige Guevara, Charlene Jacomino, Hannah Jurgens, Courtney Leblanc, Greta Lundy, Camille Morales, Alison Munnis, Paula Navarro, Sabrina Vega


The premieres of UCF's Master of Fine Arts in Animation and Visual Effects thesis films from the students who have graduated in Summer 2020, Fall 2020, or Spring 2021.

2030 by Angela Hernandez-Carlson '16 - A worsening problem continues to threaten the stability of our future.
Two's Accompany by Brian Phinn '15 - Two musical neighbors performing out of sync learn to give each other a chance to shine.
Slapper the Cat by Danny McCabe '18 - A zany cat unleashes a hilarious wave of musical chaos when he auditions for an uptight conductor's orchestra!

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