Sunday's Film Slam Schedule
(released 5/8/2008)

Last month, an attendance record was set at the Film Slam.  There was a contingent from Valencia that may have boosted that number.  This Sunday, May 11th, there is a film from one of the instructors at Full Sail.  It will be interesting to see if the attendance brushes up against the record again.

The place: The Enzian Theater in Maitland.  1300 South Orlando Avenue.

The time: 1:00pm on Sunday, May 11th.

Why?  To see local independent film in an actual theater.  Sure, coffeehouses have a certain charm, but the hiss of the espresso machine isn't conducive to movie watching.  Also, a Q&A with the filmmakers follows each session of the Film Slam.

Here's the schedule of films with descriptions.


#1 - American Soldier (2007)  / 2 Min 30 Sec
Written by: Written/Directed by: Bob Jones, Produced by: James Coyne
Orlando, FL -

Description: An American Soldier is killed in Iraq.

#2 - The Making of Splice (2008)  / 9 min
Written/Directed by: E.R. Jess, Produced by: Darren Ohl
Orlando, FL -

Description: Disc #2: Special Features


#3 - The Paradigm Shift (2007) / 5 Min
Written/Directed/Produced by: Brian Macaione
Deltona, FL - /

Description: a tale of uncertainty and deceit. When Belle is approached by a kindly street magician, she quickly finds out he is not as he seems. Watch closely...


#4 - In The Dark (2007)  / 11 min 38 sec
Written/Directed/Produced by: Gerald J. Godbout III
Orlando, FL -

Description: Babysitter, Michelle puts Peter to bed and learns that he has an imaginary friend, a Dragon statue he calls Crystal.


#5 - SUCKERFIELD (2008)  / 4 min 37 sec
Written/Directed/Produced by: James D. Watkins
Orlando, FL -

Description: A parody of the movie, 'CLOVERFIELD' that looks at the power of marketing over a film's substance and premise.


#6 - Holy Biker (2007)  / 5 min
Written by: Brenda Medina & Joseph Takeli, Directed & Produced by: Brenda Medina
Brandon, FL -

Description: A biker community in Seffner, Florida embraces an unlikely new member.


#7 - Joseph Hunter for Sprinkler Control (2007)  / 11 min 20 Sec
Written by: Meredith Watt, Directed by: Carlos Velasco, Nayim Saati & Seth L.T. Robinson, Produced by: Jason Boyette
Orlando, FL -

Description: Joseph Hunter is tired of how the neighborhood's water is controlled by a two-faced politician, Shirley McHugh, and decides to run for water Czar.


#8 - Mina (2008)  / 12 min
Written/Directed by: Jose Zambrano Cassella, Produced by: Adam Fraum
Winter Springs, FL -

Description: Mina Blackmore is your average 12 yr old. But she hides a dark secret deep inside her, a secret that could bring death and destruction to everyone around her.


Enzian Theater FilmSlam Program - TRT: 61 Minutes

Also, please visit to listen to an interview with FilmSlam Producer/Host, John Theisen as he talks about the history and details of the event.

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