Schedule for Indie Film Jam Released
(released 4/27/2008)

The Indie Film Jam and the Florida Music Festival is almost upon us.  The IFJ 2008 runs from Thursday, May 15th through Saturday, May 17th.

There are a few changes from last year.  The Awards Ceremony will be held on Saturday night along with a Rock n' Roll Runway Show as well as the Wrap Party.  This should make it easier than the hangover-filled Sunday awards ceremony from last year.  It probably won't stop anyone from having a hangover on Sunday morning, but now everyone can sleep in.

Also, another improvement is that all the events and screenings are being held at City Arts Factory.  You won't have to trudge through mud under I-4 to get back and forth to the Marriott HQ for panels and you'll be closer to all the music venues.

Here is the schedule of this year's Indie Film Jam.  The specific films and music videos, including many from central Florida filmmakers, can be found on the IFJ myspace page at

Thursday (5/15/08):

6:00-8:00pm - Party Like a Film Student!!! (Networking Party)

6:00pm - Music Video Program

8:00pm - Shorts Program 1 - "Flotsam" (*Followed by Q&A w/ Filmmakers)

10:00pm - Shorts Program 2 - "Jetsam" (*Followed by Q&A w/ Filmmakers)

Friday (5/16/08):

6:00pm - Shorts Program 2 - "Jetsam" (*Followed by Q&A w/ Filmmakers)

8:00pm - Musical Performance: *Levi Conner of Million Year Echo
(*Music Featured in the film "The Other Side of the Tracks")

8:30pm - Spotlight Film: The Other Side of the Tracks (*Followed by Q&A w/ Writer-Director A.D. Calvo)

11:00pm - Shorts Program 1 - "Flotsam" (*Followed by Q&A w/ Filmmakers)

1:00am - Music Video Program

Saturday (5/17/08):


7:00pm - Spotlight Film: Skid Row (*Followed by Q&A w/ PRAS & Producer Rob Wisdom)

9:30pm - IFJ Awards - Red Carpet

10:00pm - IFJ Awards Ceremony

11:30pm - Rock n' Roll Runway Show (Sponsored by: Abyssmal Entertainment)

Midnight - FMF/IFJ Wrap Party

For more information about the festival, please contact John Theisen at

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