Calling all Creatives
(released 3/31/2008)

Central Florida Film Professionals are coming together to make a monthly film meeting group that produces... not just chatters about film. The group is actively seeking out anyone in the community that would like to participate in the process of making films.

Chosen and awarded a Personal Development Grant out of 40 applicants by United Arts of Central Florida, Filmmaker Craig Richards of BigDiesel Films and the members of The Orlando Film Professionals Industry Group are together producing a collaborative mixed-media film project. 20 writers, 20 directors, 20 scenes, one film.

20 different divertissements, stitched together with multi-media artwork from Central Florida's professional artists, examines the arch of life by answering the question, "What makes me happy?"

"We need artists of all ages working in all types of disciplines," says Craig Richards local legendary Unit Production Manager from the Oscar winning film Monster.

Open to all creatives, this project manifested from a Meetup group that was founded online in Sept 2006. Today, 120 plus members are gearing up and giving out a last call for all interested filmmakers and creatives to participate in this central Florida original production.

You can jump on board the production by going to the next production meeting scheduled April 10, 2008.  Find out more by going to

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