"Unexpected Art in our Lives" from Brian Feldman
(released 2/26/2008)

Leap year is a rare and seldomly celebrated day. A chance every four years to have an extra day. The City of Orlando, Orange County Convention and Visitor's Bureau, and the Downtown Development Board along with area business backing are helping to bring a performance art installation to Orlando's City Hall that will further establish the area's reputation as a cultural world class city.  "Leap Year" will take place @ City Commons Plaza in front of Orlando's City Hall Friday February 29th @ 12:00a.m.

For 24 consecutive hours, every 3:56 seconds and a total of 366 times, performance artist Brian Feldman will leap off of a 12-foot-high summit.

Brian's contributions to Central Florida's art community is well rounded. Whether you have experienced his live theater work in the "Feldman Dynamic", participated in Group 101 Filmmakers, or attended a Film Slam or Flicks on Fairbanks, you can see he shares his creative passion generously.
This public performance will incorporate the scenic and lighting design of Curtiss Lee Mitchell and the sound design of Jason Kupfer, along with the improvised leaps by Brian to create a dreamlike effect for spectators. The public is invited and encouraged to come to City Hall to witness this cultural first in Orlando.  There is no admission fee, and complimentary "Leap Year Day" programs and buttons will be handed out.

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*If you would like to help as a volunteer during this 24 hour exhibit go to our message   board for complete information on how to volunteer.


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