Kid Cast Announced for Crimebusters
(released 1/20/2008)

Pamplin Film Company began shooting its latest project Crimebusters on December 15, 2007. They still have a couple weeks of shooting and they have just announced their cast of child actors that are portraying the Crimebusters.

They are Dayton Modderman, Lily Fender, Sammy Fender, and Ruthergains Flueridor. According to Rick Pamplin, casting took three months and they auditioned over 600 actors.

The story is about a lady named Catherine Rockwell. Her husband is killed and she is left all alone with her son Russell. He bands together with his fellow Little League teammates to form the "Crimebusters". Together with their trusty dog Oscar, the Crimebusters track down the bad guys to save the day.

The story is by Ryan Pamplin. The screenplay was written by Rick Pamplin. Rick is also directing and producing. Acting and executive producing the film is Ernest Borgnine. Also producing is William L. Whitacre, mostly known in Central Florida for working with Haxan Films (Blair Witch Project). Co-producers are Rick Cassatly and Maggie Phipps Pamplin; Associate Producer is Scott duPont.

Also cast in the film are Michael Winslow, Hank Stone, Brett Rice, Bob Noble, Lauren Chapin and John Martino.

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