Stars North Wraps This Man's Life
(released 12/14/2007)

Stars North just shot This Man's Life, the third film in a series of four shorts. This film, which was shot December 4th through 8th at locations in Mt. Dora and Orlando, was directed by Todd Thompson and produced by Smithy Sipes. A couple of the locations included the Inland Lakes Railway train in Mt. Dora and the historic Amtrak Station just south of downtown Orlando.

They shot Hi Def making use of a Panasonic VariCam with Fuji Lens.

Starring in the film are Michael Rooker, who is best known for his role opposite Tom Cruise in Days of Thunder. Rooker was just acting in a film in North Carolina called Bolden! and that is where he met local filmmaker Todd Thompson. Todd had since told Rooker the story and as the old cliche says, "from there, the rest is history."

Starring alongside Rooker in the film is Bill Cobbs, of whom we got pictures with Rooker and the rest of the cast and crew during two set visits at the Amtrak Station on December 7th and 8th. Other notables in the film are Ike Eisenmann who is best known for the 1975 Disney movie Escape to Witch Mountain and Betsy Brantley.

There definitely were some things that made the shoot difficult.

After asking how the train shots went for the first half of production, Producer Smithy Sipes said that it was tough. After laying down the dolly tracks in the aisle, there wasn't anymore room to maneuver. He laughed about it, though.

On Saturday, many of the extras and crew had to battle with the strong Florida sunshine. Although not as hot and humid as a summer day, the December sun was intense without a cloud in the sky. There were crew members holding reflectors as shades for themselves and actor Michael Rooker. The makeup artist kept busy blotting sweat from actors faces and he even made use of a handheld fan in an attempt to keep Rooker's face dry.

Despite the small hurdles, cast and crew were able to keep smiles on their faces and joke around.

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