Stars North Ready To Roll on This Man's Life
(released 11/29/2007)

Stars North will begin production on their third short in a series of four films on December 4th, 2007. The first two films, Time & Again and Once Not Far From Home, have won numerous awards. With each of the previous two films, Stars North has been able to attract recognizable talent and this film will continue to do just that.

The name of the film is This Man's Life and some of the talent on this film will include Michael Rooker (Days of Thunder, JFK), Betsy Brantley (The Princess Bride, Deep Impact) and veteran actor Bill Cobbs (That Thing You Do!, Night at the Museum).

This Man's Life was written by Todd Thompson and Peter Raymundo. "It's hard to believe that three years have passed since I first had the idea for this film. That's how long it's been since Pete and I sat down to put pen to paper," said Thompson. "A lot has happened since then, personally and professionally, but what a great feeling it is to get behind the camera again and collaborate with such an incredibly talented group of cast and crew."

Stars North was founded by Todd and his partner Balinda DeSantis in 1999. Together, Todd and Balinda have released The Paper Route (1999), King Pathetic Creep (2000), The Chad Effect (2001) and, with producing partners Kathryn Ruscio Kelly and Smithy Sipes, Time & Again (2002) and Once Not Far From Home (2005).

This Man's Life will shoot in Mt. Dora and Orlando. For more information on Stars North, check out their website at

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