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Manisha Manda
Phone: 315-727-4520



Resume: ManishaManda.pdf


I am a 21-year old Indian-American who unexpectedly found herself in the Indian film industry. Last year, while enrolled in college, I was pursuing my passion for singing and decided to attend an audition that was being held for a South Indian regional film, here in Orlando. (The crew was traveling throughout the US to host auditions and look for locations for their film.) You may or may not know that most Indian films are essentially filmed musicals- think Bollywood style, with songs and dances throughout the film. For this reason, I auditioned and sang a few songs, hoping that I would be able to record songs for the film. However, after the director and director of photography had heard/seen me, they felt I might be suitable for the lead role and asked me to prepare a scene and come back the next day for an acting audition. Having had some theatre and musical theatre experience, I decided to give it a shot and to my pleasure, I got selected for the lead female role in the film. I took a leave of absence from college to pursue this opportunity and just recently returned home after promotions and the premiere of my film. It has been a wild and exciting ride thus far and has made me contemplate pursuing acting as my profession. I currently have one more movie that I have signed on to, which will be starting up in a couple months. However, I would love to step foot in Hollywood and experience acting for an English film. I believe I can be a good pick for fresh, progressive, and modern stories that need a woman of color to be represented. Looking forward to more and more exciting opportunities. 



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